Tips For Buyers

1) How It Works For employers
Once you sign up as a client on Collawork, you get to access the best talents to work with. You can choose to collaborate with an individual freelancer or an agency. Collawork offers clients a chance to get different daily services either remotely or physically. You can easily access remote services such as writing, web design, web development, graphic design, and digital marketing, to physical services such as make-up artistry, photography, videography and interior designing.

The procedure after signing up to hire on the platform is simple and precise:

Post the service you need - tell us what service you need help with, your estimated budget and the type of skills you want from freelancers.

We analyze your needs - we help you match with the best talents on Collawork through our seamless search functionality. Therefore, you get to choose among the best agencies and freelancers.

- Review applications and proposals - you will need to go through the job applications based on qualifications and ratings of the profiles. Different freelancers have distinct quotations. Therefore, you can check and handpick the one that suits your budget. Besides, you get to have real-time chatting with all the freelancers and agencies you wish to work with, as you compare who fits your desire more.

- Agree on terms and assign the job/project - once you have settled on general terms, you can then award the contract to the freelancer or agency.

2) How do I know I am picking the right talent?

At Collawork, freelancers and agencies have well-monitored profiles with ratings based on the jobs/contracts they have completed and how good the work was, according to their clientsâ„¢ reviews. Each freelancer or agency profile on Collawork has feedback from previous clients, personal information (confirmed and authenticated), and samples from previous projects.

We also have a rating/grading system that identifies the best of the best professionals on the platform. All the above information can help you decide who is best-suited to get the job done for you appropriately. Besides, you have the chance to organize interviews via chat or video with selected candidates and ask those questions or samples that can help you settle on the right choice.


3) How do I pay for services and how do I know it is accurate?

Collawork uses top-notch technology to bill clients, based on the services being offered by freelancers or agencies. You can choose between hourly and fixed-price contracts when working with professionals on the platform. Kindly ensure that you discuss this with the freelancer or agency before hiring. Our hourly contracts ensure that the entire record of the service being offered is registered from the starting time to the ending time. You can then review this record on the work diary to ensure that it is accurate and real.

On the flip side, fixed-price contracts require you to prepay for the service being offered. We store the funds safely through our escrow system. Collawork only releases the funds to the freelancer/agency once you have approved the job. After approving the job, you can choose to end the contract, and rate the services you received, or keep on collaborating with the same professional on the platform for future projects.

In case you are not satisfied with the services you have received from a freelancer or agency; we will always be available and ready to come in and sort out any disputes that arise.


4) How do I chat and communicate on Collawork?

We offer real-time messaging on the platform through Collawork chats, where you can discuss various matters pertaining to required services with the freelancer or agency. You can also schedule a video call or voice call through the platform. Collawork guarantees the privacy of your information, and you can learn more through our privacy policy.

Through our workspace, you can send and receive files securely, and access services in real-time.


5) How do I pay and how much am I charged?

Paying freelancers and agencies on Collawork is simple, quick and secure. There are different payment options including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American express.

What's more? You only pay a 5% processing fee, as a client, in addition to the exact amount you pay the freelancer or agency for the service rendered.


6) Do I need to file tax returns?

Generally, you need to note that you are hiring a professional on the platform as an independent contractor and not an employee, thus, you are not obliged to fill in the tax forms. However, as we are not experts in tax matters, it would be best if you consulted a tax professional in your country whenever you have any questions and concerns about taxes.


7) Do I get an invoice?

Yes, you do. You can download or print the invoice if needed.


8) How can I be certain that the platform is a safe place to hire professionals?

We have enforced a ton of measures to guarantee a safe, secure and smooth marketplace for both clients and freelance professionals. For instance, we use different ways to ensure that freelancers and agencies are genuine/authentic. First of all, we validate their email addresses, their identity through government identification documents and schedule video verifications. We may also go further to verify their physical addresses or locations through residency verification documents. All this is meant to bolster the safety of everyone on the platform. A verified profile has a verification badge against the name.

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